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Kansa Metal Hair Comb for Hairfall

Kansa Metal Hair Comb for Hairfall

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The Kansa hair comb is a unique and specialized hair comb that offers a rejuvenating approach to scalp and hair care. It is made from Kansa metal, which is a blend of copper and tin, renowned for its therapeutic properties in Ayurvedic practices. Combining the benefits of scalp stimulation, oil balancing, detoxification, relaxation, and enhanced hair luster, this comb can be a valuable addition to your hair care routine, providing both functional and therapeutic benefits.  

1. Use on dry or oiled hair

2. Gently comb through your hair

3. Enjoy the scalp-stimulating benefits of the Kansa Comb.

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Good for you because...

  • Promotes blood circulation
  • Maintains a cleaner scalp
  • Activates pranic points of the scalp
  • Promotes overall hair health
Kansa Metal Hair Comb for Hairfall

Good for the planet because...

  • Recyclable
  • Eco-friendly
  • Lowers carbon footprint

Customer Reviews

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I used a copper comb for the first time and I am obsessed! The comb is heavy but doesn't hurt when massaged on oily hair.

Kansa Metal Hair Comb for Hairfall

Frequently Asked Questions

Can someone with curly hair use the Kansa Metal Comb for their hair?

When choosing a comb or brush for curly hair, it's important to prioritize factors such as detangling ability and compatibility with the hair and natural texture. Wide-toothed combs, such as those made from copper that are specifically designed for detangling curly hair, are often recommended. They can help minimize breakage and damage while detangling the hair.

Can the Kansa hair comb be used on wet or dry hair?

The Kansa hair comb is typically used on dry hair. It is recommended to use the Kansa hair comb after you have washed and dried your hair, preferably when it is completely dry.

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