Ayurveda Behind Kansa Massage Tools

Ayurveda Behind Kansa Massage Tools

Have you heard about the ancient magical tool that works its wonder on your skin, naturally, by just doing a 10-minute ritual? No, it’s not another gimmick! We are talking about the fusion of age-old practices with the backup of science – the Kansa Wand.   

“Roopam, Gunam, Vayastyag, Iti Shubhanga Karanam” – quoted as the three pillars of beauty or the true sense of beauty as per Ayurveda, “Roopam stands for Outer Beauty, Gunam represents Inner Beauty and Vayastyag is what we understand as The Lasting Beauty. True wellness is when we achieve a balance of three of them.   

Here, we will discuss how Kansa massage tools can help you achieve overall wellness by cleansing your body inside-out. We will cover what the Kansa wand is, the benefits of Kansa wand massage, how to use Kansa massage tools and other things you need to know about this Ayurvedic tool.

What Is A Kansa Massage Tool?

Today a favorite among celebrities and making headlines on social media platforms, the history of using copper or ‘Kansa’ for health and skincare benefits dates back to around 5000 years, during the Bronze Age. Historically used to cook and serve food, Kansa or Copper is believed to improve gut health and overall immunity. Also known as ‘bell metal’ because of being used to make bells and Tibetan gongs, Kansa is revered in Ayurvedic texts for its ability to promote lymphatic drainage and stimulate blood circulation that helps remove toxins.  

Having the appearance of a one-sided dumbbell or a random splash of water (or our intricately designed fish-shaped Kwansha face massager) this magic massage tool offers to reduce stress and muscle tension, provide relaxation and remove toxins from the body.    

The Kansa wand is a wooden-handled dome-shaped tool designed to provide a holistic massage experience. The tip of the tool is made of Kansa metal— an alloy of copper and tin.   

Our Kwansha Face Massager is a specially designed beauty tool for face and neck massage. Handcrafted by skilled artisans to give the metal piece an intricate fish shape, the Kansa face massage tool is easy-to-use and helps get rid of built-up toxins.  

What about scalp health, you ask?   

At The Oil Chemist, we believe in promoting overall health in the most natural ways. Following this mantra, we have also come up with a unique kansa scalp massage tool, the Kansa Metal Hair Comb, to combat issues like irritated scalp, damaged and weak hair and stress. Our Kansa Comb can help minimize damage and breakage while massaging the scalp and detangling the hair and is suited for people with all kinds of hair.   

For a great scalp care routine, you can try using our Nettle leaf hair oil with the Kansa comb. To know more about the benefits of Nettle leaf for hair, do check out here.  

Benefits Of Using Kansa Wand And Other Massage Tools 

There are several benefits of the Kansa wand and other Kansa massage tools. When used in a massage tool in an alloyed form, the alkaline nature of Kansa gently encourages pranic healing and helps bring about lymphatic drainage and detoxification. It is said to bring the ‘doshas’ (the universal life force manifesting as Vata, Pitta, and Kapha) into balance, as per Ayurveda.   

To sum up, the benefits of using the Kansa wand and other Kansa massage tools are –    

  • Promote lymphatic drainage & blood circulation   
  • Balance your skin’s PH level  
  • Brings about calmness & relaxation   
  • Boost radiance & skin tone  

How To Use The Kansa Massage Tools?    

Facial massages are the best to relieve stress and get nourished skin. You can do a self-facial massage just with your fingers, but using a Kansa massage tool has additional benefits as we have already stated.    

To use our Kansa massage tool effectively –   

  • Apply a few drops of your favourite oil on your face or body.   
  • Massage the part with our Ayurvedic Kansa wand with gentle strokes. You can use our special Kwansha face massager to sculpt your facial structure and detox it.    
  • You can also apply slight pressure on your pain points.   
  • Continue this gentle massage for 10 to 15 minutes. 

How Often Should You Use The Kansa Wand?

You can use our Kansa massage tools regularly with an oil-based product like the deep repair Eucalyptus Body Massage Oilto soothe and calm irritated skin, reduce inflammation, and promote skin healing.

Want to know more about such Ayurvedic practices that can aid your overall wellness? Do join our tribe or follow us on social media. Happy Healing!

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